Who We Are – History


The Union of Cooperative Banks of Greece was founded on 22.7.1995 by the initiative of the Cooperative Banks of Lamia, Ioannina, Pankritia and Achaiki and the Credit Cooperative of Corinth “HERMIS”.

It is a member of the European Association of Cooperative Banks (EACB).

Today ESTE has 7 members, of which 5 are Cooperative Banks, and 2 Credit Cooperatives. It is managed by a 4-member Board of Directors, which is elected by the General Assembly of the members, while at the same time a Supervisory Board is elected with the participation of 2 Members.

The axes of operation of the ASSOCIATION OF COOPERATIVE BANKS OF GREECE are summarized in the following directions:

  • In the design and implementation of policy for the promotion and development of the institution of Cooperative Faith, in all regions of Greece.
  • In the creation of the framework and conditions for the closer and more efficient cooperation of Cooperative Banks and Credit Unions and the creation of a single Cooperative Credit network.
  • In the representation of the Cooperative Faith in the institutions of the State.
  • In the systematic intervention to claim solutions to the important problems that concern the Cooperative Faith and act as obstacles to its development.
  • In the provision of supporting services to Cooperative Banks and Credit Unions, in matters of training, legal support, computerization and organization.
  • In the development of ties and collaborations with Cooperative Banks abroad.
  • In the development of inter-cooperative cooperation and the promotion of the Social Economy in our country.